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News Shotgun 3/24

  • Tintin 2 still happening according to Spielberg: The Adventures of Tintin was an underrated and fantastic bit of animated Spielberg adventure and, on the press circuit for Ready Player One, Spielberg said the sequel is still happening and Peter Jackson is still directing.  Jackson produced the first movie and they were going to flip responsibilities for the sequel.  Spielberg said they are still working on a script and the animation takes about 2 years to direct, so it could be at least another 3 years before we see or hear anything.
  • Street Fighter TV series in the works: Street Fighter is getting a new TV live action TV series from the team behind the web series Assassin’s Fist.  The new show will be based on the “World Warrior” arc that was popularized by Street Fighter 2 and follows Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and Guile as they enter the World Warrior tournament to take down the villainous M. Bison and Shadaloo.
  • Astro City being adapted to a TV series: The incredible Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson and Alex Ross comic Astro City is being adapted into a TV serise by FremantleMedia, the same company behind American Gods on Starz.  Astro City is a superhero anthology series that follows a different character every issue from their Superman analogue Samaritan all the way down to just a regular person on the street.  Vertigo comics is currently publishing new issues of the comic, which started at Image in the 90s.
  • MoviePass drops price for new customers: Citing success at “diversifying its revenue streams”, MoviePass has lowered the price of it’s service to $6.95 for new customers who sign up for their annual plan.  MoviePass users can use their MoviePass card to purchase tickets at movie theaters and they are only charged the monthly fee, saving huge amounts of money if you are a frequent theater goer.
  • Justice League is the lowest grossing DCEU movie: Despite teaming up it’s biggest heroes, last year’s Justice League is officially the lowest grossing film in DC’s cinematic universe with $657 million worldwide.  Batman v Superman made over $873 million, Wonder Woman made over $821 million and Suicide Squad made over $746 million.  The movie was fine but it was also a perfect storm of backstage shakeups and bizarre decisions, like #Mustachegate
  • Lady and the Tramp live action reboot gets a director: Lady and The Tramp is getting remade by Disney in this new wave of remakes and Charlie Beam, who directed Lego Ninjago Movie, will direct.  This new Lady and The Tramp will be exclusively on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.
  • Matt Ryan joining Legends cast full time in Season 4: Matt Ryan’s comics perfect John Constantine has been guest starring on the current season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and, in season 4, Constantine will be a permanent member of the Waverider crew.  Legends, and the rest of the Arrowverse, have not been officially renewed yet but it’s an extremely safe bet that all of them will be coming back.
  • Spielberg says Indy 5 starts shooting in April of next year: Looking for a July 2020 release, Spielberg says they will start shooting Indiana Jones 5 in April of next year.  Harrison Ford is back as Indy but there’s not plot details or who else would be co-starring (although screenwriter David Koepp said Shia LaBeouf will NOT be back)
  • Tron: Legacy Lego set coming next week: Originally submitted to LEGO’s crowd sourced LEGO Ideas site, an official 230 piece Tron: Legacy light cycle LEGO set is arriving on March 31st for $35.  The set lets you build two light cycles and has mini-figs of Quorra, Sam Flynn and Rinzler.
  • Chris Evans confirms he’s leaving the MCU after Avengers 4: In an interview with the New York Times, Chris Evans confirmed that his Captain America will be leaving the MCU with the untitled Avengers 4, the last film on his contract.  This seems to confirm/spoil that Steve will not die in Infinity War and Evans said there are some reshoots this fall for Avengers 4 and that will be his final time playing Steve Rogers.
  • Chopping Mall remake not featuring killer robots: Bizarre news from the remake of cult classic Chopping Mall, director Robert Hall said his version will not include the iconic killer security robots that murdered the teens in the original movie, instead he said mannequins in the mall will become possessed by the angry spirits of dead slaves buried under the mall, as it was built on top of an old plantation.  Hall previously directed the indie horror movie Laid to Rest.
  • SyFy bringing back the Leprechaun franchise: SyFy is bringing back the Leprechaun series in 2019 with a SyFy Original Movie, Leprechaun Returns.  Linden Porco, most recently on Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, will take over from Warwick Davis in the title role and Mark Holton, who played Ozzie in the original Leprechaun in 1993, will reprise his role in this new movie.  A full reboot, Leprechaun: Origins, was attempted by WWE Films with Hornswoggle but was met by negative fan and critical reaction.
  • Disney announces Marvel lands coming to Disneyland, Disney Paris and Disney Hong Kong: Disneyland and the parks in Paris and Hong Kong are getting huge Marvel expansions with a full land based around the MCU hitting each park.  The Disneyland version will be in California Adventure and spread around Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, which is already up and running.  There weren’t a lot of specific details but there are rumors of an indoor Avengers themed roller coaster and an attraction based around Spider-Man.  The land is scheduled for a 2020 opening.

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