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The Pull List – Doppelganger #3

Posted on March 26, 2018 by

The battle for Dennis Zimmann’s life continues in the third chapter of Doppelganger. Regular Dennis’s attempt to stop Evil Dennis is turned against him and makes a quick escape with his best friend Ricardo. Meanwhile Evil Dennis has moved up the corporate ladder at Dennis workplace. Evil Dennis manipulations earned a new promotion and new found attention. Evil Dennis seems to be living the life the regular Dennis only dreamed up, Dennis and Ricardo come up with one last plan that will either reclaim Dennis’s life or forfeit it all.

The third issue of Doppelganger starts to show Dennis toughening up against Evil Dennis, something that he wasn’t able to do without coming to terms with his new reality. Evil Dennis is replacing him at work and home, essentially blocking regular Dennis at the life he knows. It’s nice to see that Dennis doesn’t instantly become an action hero over in three issues. The story has a super natural element, but the characters are grounded in reality. The panicked and rushed plans that Dennis and Ricardo come up is a clever way for Jordan Hart and Emmanuel Javier to mix the suspenseful moments with some comical tones. Any regular person faced with this crazy situation would most likely freak out as bad as Dennis did, and probably do a lot more screaming. Being a geeky techie, Dennis isn’t exactly ready to fist fight his demon copy.This keeps the story from dipping too far into a wacky comedy or too dark into a grim horror tale. The fourth and last issue has two Dennis facing off for the final time and the victory keeps the life.

Doppelganger #3 will be on sale March 28 2018

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