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The Pull List – Zero Jumper #1

In a distance time, the last remaining human attempts to save the Earth at the cost of her life. Juno, a teenage girl equipped with advanced technology enhancements to help her bend time and space is on a mission to harvest energy to power the Zero Jump engine, a machine capable of fixing the Earth. Juno is not completely alone in her mission, aiding her is iOS, an informative and humorless robot companion. The two search the galaxy for energy sources and Juno will gladly give her life to protect all of humanity and restore the Earth back to normal.

The exciting first issue of Zero Jumper throws the reader right into the action at the same intensity as one of Juno’s jumps into the unknown. Creator Patrick Mulholland presents much of the issue with Juno already in action. For a good portion of the issue, Juno character is explained by her actions and quips to iOS. There isn’t a heavy explanation of the backstory, but for an introduction issue it feels like it does not require that just yet. Mulholland’s artwork in Zero Jumper is a fun blend of sci-fi and fantasy to keeps the cosmic settings engaging without feeling too unfamiliar. For comic readers that enjoy some fast pace, family friendly sci fi action, this 4 issue series looks to be a great addition to the next comic list. 

Zero Jumper will be released April 4th 2018

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