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News Shotgun 3/31

  • The Stand reboot may now be a CBS All Acces mini-seriesIn the works for years at WB with New Mutants director Josh Boone at the helm, the latest iteration of the reboot of Stephen King’s The Stand may now be a 10 episode mini-series exclusive to CBS All Access.  This new version has gone from one movie to four to a mini-series and then a movie to a pitch as an 8 episode mini-series on Showtime.
  • Jon Hamm was almost Mr. Sinister in The New Mutants: After the news about New Mutants being delayed until next year, another bit of news dropped from The Tracking Board that Jon Hamm was supposedly in talks to play Mr. Sinister in a post credits tag on the end of New Mutants that would tie it into X-Men: Apocalypse.  There is a reportedly a new tag that will feature Antonio Banderas playing a new villain.
  • Funko launching collectible cereal: Funko, the company behind the ubiquitous Pop figures, is making a line of collectible cereal featuring characters like Freddy Krueger, Elvira, Beetlejuice, Cuphead and their own Freddy Funko.  The cereal will be available in stores like FYE, not in grocery stores, and will retail for $7.99 a box.  Each box will have a Mini-Pop figure inside and will be out in June.
  • The Tommyknockers getting rebooted: The new golden age of Stephen King adaptations continues as producers James Wan and Roy Lee are shopping around a new version of The Tommyknockers.  There was a hilariously awful TV movie version of the book in 1993 that starred Traci Lords and Jimmi Smits and both the movie and book are about a small town in Maine that is in the proximity of a UFO crash and the citizens of the town begin to transform due to the alien substances leaking out.
  • Red Faction: Guerilla getting remastered: The incredibly great PS3/Xbox 360 game Red Faction: Guerilla is getting a remaster for current consoles from THQ Nordic.  The game was the third in the Red Faction series, taking place on Mars 50 years after the first game where you play as resistance fighter trying to free Mars from the oppressive EDF and it had one of the most incredible physics systems ever implemented in a game, where you could tear buildings down with your trust sledgehammer or the various other weapons in the game.  The game is coming out sometime in Q2 2018.
  • Pedro Pascal joins Wonder Woman 2: The Narcos/Game of Thrones/Kingsman 2 actor Pedro Pascal is joining the cast of Wonder Woman 2 in an unnamed role.  Kristen Wiig was recently cast as the villainous Cheetah and Gal Gadot is obviously back as Diana, with the movie supposedly set during the Cold War era.
  • Beetlejuice musical debuting this year: From the director of Rocky: The Musical, Beetlejuice is coming to Broadway with a preview show in Washington DC in October.  The show has been in development for two years.
  • Lego Incredibles game coming soon: The Incredibles are getting their own Lego game, arriving the same day as Incredibles 2 on June 15th.  The game will feature the usual Lego game style gameplay of puzzle solving and light brawling with the entire Parr family playable across the stories of both The Incredibles and The Incredbles 2 and is arriving on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.
  • Hulu passes on Locke & Key show: The long in development Locke & Key TV show, based on the comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.  IT director Andy Muschetti directed an hour long pilot for Hulu but they passed on picking up the series and it may get shopped to other streaming services like Netflix or Amazon.  The comic follows the Locke siblings, who move to the family’s mysterious Keyhouse mansion with their mother following the murder of their father and discover a set of magical keys that have various abilities when used, like allowing you to manipulate someone’s memories or transforming into an animal.
  • Netflix renews a ton of their documentary/unscripted series: Netflix renewed a ton of their reality and documentary series this week, giving another season to The Toys That Made Us, Queer Eye, Nailed It!, Dope and Drug Lords.
  • Cortes miniseries coming to Amazon: Amazon has ordered a miniseries based on the life of Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes, with Steven Spielberg acting as executive producer and Javier Bardem starring in the title role.  The series will be four episodes and highlight things like Cortes meeting Aztec King Montezuma II.
  • New Stranger Things Season 3 detailsAt a PaleyFest panel, producer Shawn Levy dropped some details about the third season of Stranger Things.  The new season will be set in 1985 during the summer and Mike and Eleven/Jane and Max and Lucas will still be romantically involved and there will be a ton more of Steve Harrington in “Dad Mode” hanging out and protecting the D&D party.
  • ROM the Spaceknight movie gets screenwriter: Zak Penn, who most recently adapted Ready Player One, has been hired to write a script for a movie based on ROM the Spaceknight, which was a toy and Marvel Comic in the late 70s/80s where ROM was a cyborg from the planet Galador who battled the evil shapeshifting Dire Wraiths.  The movie would possibly be a part of the cinematic universe that Hasbro is trying to create that would link Transformers, GI Joe, Micronauts, MASK and Visionaries together.
  • Live action Carmen Sandiego movie coming to Netflix: Jane the Virgins’ Gina Rodriguez will be starring as the devious Carmen Sandiego for a live action movie on Netflix based on the classic series of PC games.  Rodriguez is also voicing Carmen for a new animated series, also on Netflix.
  • A bunch of MCU characters returning for Captain Marvel: A reveal of the cast for Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, was revealed and there will be a few returning MCU characters.  Lee Pace’s Ronan the Accuser, Djimon Honsou’s Korath the Pursuer and Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson are all going to be featured in some capacity in Captain Marvel, which is set in the 90’s of the MCU. Gregg is easily the most exciting, as Coulson has not been in a movie since The Avengers, instead leading his team on TV on Agents of SHIELD. Samuel L. Jackson is also appearing in Captain Marvel as Nick Fury.
  • Deadpool animated series cancelled at FXX: The adult focused animated series of Deadpool developed by Donald Glover has been cancelled due to “creative differences”.  Glover did not seem to take the news well and posted some fake scripts for the show that rip FXX and Fox apart and animation house Titmouse revealed test footage of what the show could have been like, which has since been taken down.

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