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The Pull List – Giants #5

Posted on April 14, 2018 by

The tense between Gogi and Zedo has reached it’s peak and now the two brothers square off. One for defending his new family, and the other for greed to take over the Underground City. Zedo has ambushed the Forsaken and laid ruin to their home. Without Uron around to help, Gogi must face his brother alone while two monsters battle for supremacy in the frozen waste land. Destruction, betrayal and violence await in clash of redemption and ambition with the brothers.

The final chapter of Giants sets the stage for Gogi and Zedo fight their differences. Gogi’s rage for his brother’s attempt to destroy his new life on the surface, and Zedo’s resentment of Gogi’s abandonment in that cave in long ago. The distinct paths they lead since that incident to impress The Bloodwolves gang caused the riot in the their brotherhood and the corrupt sense of greed in Zedo’s heart. The two brothers had fought hard for what they believed and it comes to a boil in a epic showdown.

Gogi and Zedo’s transformation from street punks to harden survivors is wonderfully told in the five issue run. Giants is very focus to tell the conflicts of the two brothers. Even when there are giant monsters smashing into one another, we are more drawn to the drama between Gogi and Zedo facing off. The series was a fun ride ride of drama, sci fi and a cautionary tale of reckless ambition and the effects it will do. The Valderrama brothers point out that even in ruined world filled with unimaginable monsters, humans will not only find a way to hurt one another, but can find hope for a better tomorrow. Cities can be destroyed, humanity can be challenged, and good people can be corrupted. But rebuilding, surviving and trusting can lead to new future. Any comic fan that has an interest in Akira, Pacific Rim and Mad Max can easily pick up and read these comics to the end. Like any good kaiju monster movie, we hope the Valderrama brothers can return to this series one day. 

Giants #5 will be on sale April 18 2018

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