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The Pull List – Mata Hari #3

Posted on April 17, 2018 by

For a brief moment, Margaretha Zelle-MacLeod is living a happy life; married Major Rudolf Macleod, raising two children and living in the Dutch East Indies. Her dreams of having a stable life is finally coming together, but tragedies will tarnish those dreams. Left penny less and abandonment by her husband, Margaretha is torn away from her daughter and left alone. However, Margaretha had not forgotten her harsh lessons and found means to survive by her enchanting beauty and demeanor. Finding interest in world of entertainment, Margaretha will start to utilize all that she knows to never be forgotten.

Issue three has a quick glance at the stable family life of Margaretha  and Rudolf Macleod. After many years of trying to find love and happiness, Margaretha had reached an joyful moment. But fate will not have that joy last as Margaretha loses everything and will have to start all over again. These downfalls shape Margaretha’s perspective of life and what she truly holds dear to her, even if she can’t have it. The lost of her family and her child Nonnie taken away from her, leads to Margaretha having nothing holding her back. Emma Beeby makes this issue a big turning point for Margaretha to find the inspirations for becoming the Mata Hari. The world had gave her hope and had taken it away from her, so instead of pity for herself, she would rebuild. Her rise to becoming something beyond her current status would lead her to be the center of attention.

Mata Hari #3 will be on sale April 18 2018

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