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The Pull List – John Wick #2

Posted on April 19, 2018 by

Picking up the night after John’s rescue of Charon, a concierge for the Continental Hotel. The two head to Continental Hotel El Peso, the Texas branch of a hotel that caters to criminals. While John takes in the new surrounds and gets a rundown of the house rules, his presents at the hotel draws some attention. He is approached by Maria, a representative of the Russian Mob. She congratulates John about his growing statues in the underworld and offers him a job in her organization. But John is only focusing on his revenges against the Three Bills. After stepping out of the Continental Hotel, John lets the Three Bills know he’s in town and he’s out for their blood.

Issue #2 clears up some of mystery behind the Three Bills.In a flashback, the Three Bills were made of three men; Pecos, Bill and Buffalo. They were violent and ruthless killers, and terrorized a John as a boy. A botch job lead to a horrible massacre that a young John witnessed, and that terrible memory has driven him to be strong enough to take on the Three Bills. In the previous issue, John’s interference with an assassination attempt on Charon lead to deep respect of each other, and John’s introduction to the secret Continental Hotel establishments. These new allies and connections will be big benefits and detriments for John’s future.

Greg Pak has done a great job of showing off a naive but deadly John Wick during his early career. He already possess a calm demeanor when face with some tense moments. It may not be necessary to explore much of John’s past because half the fun of John Wick is the mystery of why he is such a bad-ass. The art provided by Giovanni Valletta once again shows off a good portray of a comic Keanu Reeves. The action sequences shows off John’s calculated moves and brutality when facing off with opponents. Comic fans looking to more John Wick action should definite add this to their next comic visit. 

John Wick #2 is on sale now April 18th 2018.

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