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Musical Montage: Celine Dion “Ashes”

The marketing for Deadpool and this week’s Deadpool 2 has easily been some of the greatest of all time, from brilliant posters to delightfully weird trailers to actually clever product tie-ins but the last major masterstroke recently for Deadpool 2 was teaming the Merc with a Mouth with the queen of Las Vegas, Celine Dion.  “Ashes” is a Celine Dion song that will 100% actually be on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack and it’s right in Celine’s wheelhouse of dramatic, sweeping pop ballads, which makes it all the more wonderfully insane that Deadpool (or more likely a professional dancer playing Deadpool) is there to do interpretive dance.  Check out the music video below and there’s also behind the scenes as well.

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