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The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #3

Posted on May 15, 2018 by

As Shadow meets his new neighbors and puts the finishing touches to his new apartment as Mike Ainsel, Shadow gets a visit from Mr. Wednesday. After wrapping up business else where, Mr. Wednesday needs Shadow to accompany him to recruit another god, this time in Las Vegas. This god, one that watches over the city of sin, seems to control the the promises of hope and riches for all it’s guest. Shadow and Mr. Wednesday set out to Las Vegas for a chance to score big ally and grow his army for the upcoming war of the gods.

Issue three of My Ainsel dips back into Shadow’s role as an assistant of sorts to Mr. Wednesday. Mr. Wednesday comes to Lakeside to check in with Shadow and remind him that the impending war is still happening and they will need to recruit more help.  After spending a much needed break from Mr. Wednesday and building up his character of Mike Ainsel, living like a normal person that doesn’t spend time chasing gods and mythical beings. This new ally, a god that seems to control the flow of life in Las Vegas, is mysterious and vague. He is slightly shown in the issue, but is always blocked by something or never given enough details. Another factor comes from Shadow not paying attention and hindering the descriptions of this god. Shadow’s limited attention to Mr. Wednesday effects how this “Vegas God” is introduced. Because of this, the name of this god is completely forgotten. It’s just some guy in a gray suit. Mr. Wednesday breaks down how the idea of casinos is like a religion; people gathered a sacred place to sacrifice their time and money to earn a chance for treasures and respect. This flow of winning and losing, praising and hating, created a culture and belief in Las Vegas. And in American Gods, when enough people believe in something, it will spawn a god.

This story arc had focused more on Shadow’s down time and inner development, while Mr. Wednesday goes plotting some schemes off screen elsewhere. Having Mr. Wednesday return and fly off again leaves a big gap in the story that will need to be filled later. Why does Mr. Wednesday need this particular god, and is Mr. Wednesday off to next? There are tons of secrets and truths to be explored as the next issue comes next month.

American Gods: My Ainsel #3 will be on sale May 16th 2018.

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