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Andy Serkis Promises the Darkest Jungle Book Ever in Mowgli (Trailer)

Originally supposed to hit in the same year as Disney’s smash hit reboot of their version of the Rudyard Kipling classic, Andy Serkis’ version was delayed to polish the special effects and will finally arrive this fall.  Starring Rohan Chand in the title role, the movie promises that it will be dark and brutal, no “Bear Necessities” to be found here, but still telling the story of Mowgli’s adventures in the jungle, raised by wolves, meeting Bagheeera and Baloo and battling the vicious tiger Shere Khan.  Christian Bale voices Bagheera while Serkis himself plays Baloo and Benedict Cumberbatch voices Khan.  Cate Blanchett also co-stars as Kaa (continuing the gender swap from Disney’s reboot that had Scarlett Johansson as Kaa along with Matthew Rhys, Frieda Pinto, Jack Raynor, Eddie Marsan and Naomie Harris.  The visual effects seem similar to the Disney live action version, so the dark and gritty nature is going to be this movie’s big selling point and it’s also unclear if audiences really want another telling of the Jungle Book at all.  We’ll find out on October 19th and you can check out the first trailer below.


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