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The Pull List – Doppelganger #4

Posted on May 21, 2018 by

A failed ambush has Dennis at the mercy of Evil Dennis. Tied up, and helpless, Dennis is saved one more time by his best friend Ricardo. But how many times will luck save Regular Dennis? Dennis will have to fight harder to not only get back his life, but to protect his family from Evil Dennis’ plans. As time clicks down before Evil Dennis is declared the only Dennis, Dennis must find a way to end this doppelganger mess once and for all.

As shown through the story, Dennis is not a conventional hero. Flawed by his shy personality and taken advantaged of at work. His world is shaken up when Evil Dennis arrives and wants to take over. Evil Dennis is a mythical creature that has enhance strength, wisdom and powerful dark magic. Evil Dennis has built a new life from what Dennis has left; a new management position at work, a loving relationship with the wife, and a overly confident persona. People now respect this new Dennis, and are eager to be with him. However, Dennis cannot simply walk away from his life without a fight. Evil Dennis has cost the lives of his co-workers and friends to build this fake version of himself. There is no way of knowing what else Evil Dennis will do next and how else he would eliminate he needed.

The final issue wraps up the story in a suspenseful climax that perfectly matches the suspenseful nature of the story. Writer Jordan Hart developed a clever twist that utilizes Dennis’s character and makes for a satisfying ending. The series is a lite read with four issues that give the reader enough details about the story without feeling too rushed. It is enjoyable to get introduced to a horror monster like the Doppelganger and not have it be painfully clear what it’s weaknesses are and the hero has to do to survive. Overall, Doppelganger is a fun read that contains a classic pulpy, horror comic vibe. From the likable characters, the funny moments from both Dennis’s and the colorful visuals by Emmanuel Xerx Javier, Doppelganger is a great read for any fan of horror.

Doppelganger #4 will be on sale June 6th 2018

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