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It’s a Die Hard Disaster in Skyscraper (Trailer)

After battling giant, genetic monsters in Rampage earlier this year, The Rock is taking on both criminals and a burning building in Skyscraper.  The Rock plays Will Sawyer, a veteran and former FBI agent who now assesses security for buildings and his latest client is the company that has built the ludicrously high tech super skyscraper, The Pearl, which is set to open shortly and has provided Will’s family an entire floor of the building during the contract.  Criminals attack the building, setting a fire on the 96th floor to cover up their attempt to steal something from the building and Will has to fight his way back into the building to rescue his family.  It’s basically Die Hard mixed with an old school disaster movie like The Towering Inferno and it seems like two great tastes that go great together and another fun action romp from The Rock.  Neve Campbell, Roland Moller, Tzi Ma, Byron Man, Chin Han and Pablo Schreiber co-star and The Rock’s Central Intelligence direcotr Rawson Marshall Thurber is directing.  It’s out on July 13th and you can check out the new trailer below.

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