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The Pull List – Zero Jumper #2

In order to save humanity from complete extinction, the last human alive, Juno, is on a mission to collect enough zero point energy crystals to activate a machine that will reverse time. Her latest search for crystals brings her to KP-186F, an alien planet with quarrelsome inhabits. Juno finds a potential crystal inside a bar, but it looks like no one likes a fair trade. Juno isn’t the only one hunting these crystals, a powerful ancient alien being is sending agents to also hunt for the crystals. Leading the hunt is The Scion, a mysterious and powerful warrior who’s goal is to personally stop Juno. Traversing an unknown planet and on the run from The Scion, Juno is eager to get any help to obtain crystals and live to fight another day.

Issue two explores another selection of the universe that shows cosmic landscapes with futuristic buildings and otherworldly creatures. KP-186F does not freely welcome Juno with open arms, it is a quiet city with many hidden dangerous. Juno encounters enemies and allies that have are drawn to the crystals and her powers of time and space manipulation. The Scion is introduced as a figure head for an ancient being that hides in the shadows while creating death and destruction. The Scion looks to be Juno’s nemesis and will stop at nothing to get to her. Juno is not completely alone on her journey in KP-186F, she encounters Elara, an alien warrior that claims to have similar goals as Juno. Elara provides her might when helping Juno survive an tussle on the open roadways and the two become fast allies.

This issue is a great blend of exposition and action, never staying too long on either. The plot moves very fast as Juno recklessly jumps head first into situations and usually solves her problems with a charged up energy fist. And the action sequences are flashy and colorful, empathizing speed and Juno’s quick reflexes. As the series heads to the third issue, we will explore more of Juno’s past, the things that she has lost and what she hopes to regain from accomplishing her mission.

Zero Jumper #2 will be on sale June 6th 2018

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