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JCVD and Dolph Lundgren Finally Team Up for Black Water (Trailer)

Although they’ve been in about half a dozen movies together, JCVD and Dolph Lundgren have always been on opposing sides but their finally doing their first full on action hero team-up in Black Water.  In a mash-up of Under Siege and Escape Plan, Van Damme is Wheeler, some sort of black ops agent who is set up and taken to a CIA blacksite that is a retrofitted nuclear submarine.  Wheeler escapes and recruits a young rookie CIA agent (Jasmine Waltz) and fellow prisoner Marco (Dolph Lundgren) to escape and get whoever set him up.  Patrick Kilpatrick, Al Sapienza and Courtney B Turk co-star and the movie is directed by Pasha Patriki, making his directorial debut.  We’re always up for the latest from either Van Damme or Dolph and the fact that they are teaming up together for the first time makes this a must watch for us.  It’s out for DirectTV subscribers early tomorrow (5/25) and On Demand and select theaters on June 29th, check out the trailer below.

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