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The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #6

Posted on May 29, 2018 by

In the wake of a technological black out caused by the psiot Livewire, leader of the Secret Weapons, the quantum powered duo find themselves powerless. But heroes don’t take a sick day. Quantum and Woody try their best to control the streets of Washington D.C as mass panic begins to spread. Incident after incident, the city begins to fall into chaos. Unable to recharge their atoms with their deactivated bands, the countdown is on before their bodies become completely unstable. Can the two brothers calm the streets in time before their heroic deeds will be their last?

Issue #6 crosses over with the prelude of Harbinger War 2, where Liveware triggered a shut down on all technology as a act of revenge against the government hunting her teammates. Quantum and Woody had only recently come out of retirement since their last adventure of finding Woody’s father and stopping Kid Tesla, and ended up in someone else’s mess. This time around, their power bands that they need to strike against each other are disabled, halting their powers and putting them in danger of de-atomizing. After all their troubles of patching up their differences, their own bodies will turn against them.

Writer Eliot Rahal and artist Francis Portela introduce a new situation for the worst superhero duo. Eliot Rahal keeps the comedy to a minimal in this issue, with Quantum and Woody using other their courage and wits to get out of their situation, focusing on realism with regular people dealing with extraordinary events. Francis Portela’s art style is very dynamic, with great use of angels and shading. Even without powers, Quantum and Woody have all the superhero poses and matters. (Or at least Quantum does). Fans of the long running series will not be disappointed with Quantum and Woody’s latest adventure, it looks to be a promising start as the two brothers kick and fight each one another, and anyone else that gets in their way.

Quantum and Woody #6 will be released May 30th 2018

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