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Admit One 6/1

Action Point

Starring: Johnny Knoxville, Aidan Whytock, Joe Vaz, Leon Clingman, Matthew Peterson, Chris Pontius

Directed by: Tim Kirkby

Plot: The owner of a rundown and dangerous amusement park doubles down on the high thrills/no rules attitude to try and draw customers away from a recently opened corporate mega-park.

Rotten Tomatoes Freshness: 14%

Critic Consensus: N/A


Starring: Shailene Woodley, Sam Claflin, Jeffrey Thomas, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Grace Palmer

Directed by: Baltasar Kormákur

Plot: Two lovers take a job to sail from Tahiti to San Diego but the end up right in the path of one of the most powerful hurricanes in recent memory, leaving them stranded and injured with the boat critically damaged.

RT Freshness: 68%

Critic Consensus: “Adrift sails smoothly between love story and survival drama, thanks in large part to a gripping central performance from Shailene Woodley”


Starring: Logan Marshall-Green, Betty Gabriel, Harrison Gilbertson, Benedict Hardie, Michael M. Foster, Simon Maiden

Directed by: Leigh Whannell

Plot: A man looking for revenge on the people who paralyzed him and murdered his wife gets a high tech implant that gives him superhuman abilities and an AI called STEM.

RT Freshness: 87%

Critic Consensus: “Like its augmented protagonist, Upgrade‘s old-fashioned innards get a high-tech boost — one made even more powerful thanks to sharp humor and a solidly well-told story”

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