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Action Hero of the Week: Leo Barnes

Name: Leo Barnes

Occupation: Former LAPD sergeant, head of security for Senator Charlie Roan

Family: Son (killed by drunk driver)

Allies: Eva, Cali, Shane, Liz, Tanya, Charlie Roan, Carmelo Johns, Dwayne, Joe Dixon, Marcos, Laney Rucker, Dante Bishop

Enemies: Big Daddy, Caleb Warrens, Minister Edwidge Owens, Earl Danzinger, Chief Couper, Harmon James, Janice, random Purgers

Weapon(s) of Choice: Kahr K9, MP5A3, AKMSU, Beretta 92FS

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote:

Cali: What’s your name?

Sergeant: Shh.

Cali: You’re good with guns. I’m guessing you’re either a cop or a criminal, huh?

Sergeant: And I’m guessing you’re either a pain in my ass or a pain in my ass.

See Leo in Action:

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