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Netflix Gets Some Indian Horror with Ghoul (Trailer)

Netflix, Blumhouse and Indian producer Anurag Kashyap are all teaming up to bring a three episode mini-series to Netflix at the end of August, Ghoul.  Starring Radhika Apte as a military interrogator who previously got her own father locked away for crimes against the state is called in to help interrogate a new prisoner who is babbling something that turns out to be some sort of demonic chant or curse that unleashes hell on the remote prison, unleashing demons and transforming the inmates.  It looks like the Blumhouse style is in full effect, specifically the Sinister/Insidious side of Blumhouse but with the Indian side bringing in some new perspectives and point of views than the typical Hollywood horror characters.  The series drops on August 24th and you can check out the trailer below.

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