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The Pull List – Ninjak #9

Posted on July 17, 2018 by

As Ninjak and his team storm The Coalition’s base, the immortal foes reveal their secret weapon, Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior. Thought to be dead and locked away from time, the Eternal Warrior was unearthed and kept hidden by The Coalition to one day help them rule the world. But as Ninjak tries to reason with what he thinks is he’s ally, is shown to be an enemy. Gilad’s soul has been replaced in his body, and is now a host for others to be controlled. Ninjak and his team now face off with one of their own in a battle that stop The Coalition’s plans.

Issue Nine of Ninjak brings back on of the most powerful characters in the Valiant Universe, but now as a menacing force. Gilad has lived as far back as 3268 BC, living a warrior’s life at any chance. One of his greatest enemies is the Immortal Enemy, a soul that is able to reincarnate itself into a new host after every death. For years, the two would face each other as the Immortal Enemy would come back in different forms to seek revenge. The Immortal Enemy and the rest of The Coalition have managed to remove Gilad soul from his body, and become a huge problem for Ninjak. Intruding inhabitants in Gilad’s body gain access to the skills and talents it has built up over countless battles. It makes for a fierce fight we’r the heroes try not to hurt their friend while preventing their own demise.

This issue also wraps Ninjak’s fight against The Coalition, but it is not without consequences. This story arcs takes place before the events of Harbinger Wars 2 and is a brief moment of trust between Ninjak and Livewire. With the Eternal Warrior brought back from the dead and the collection of immortals looking to return the favor of Ninja’s attack, Ninjak will have to wait for another break from being a target. Next month Christos Gage returns to the Ninja Programme and delves in the cyborg ninja, Ninja-H.

Ninjak #10 will be on sale July 18th 2018

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