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The Pull List – Zero Jumper #3

Captured and forced relive her past, Juno flashes back to a time when she was with her mother and the earth was at peace. The Scion has contained Juno in his ship and begins his integration of Juno, the last human alive with the power of time jumping. The Scion is close to completing his mission to stopping Juno and allowing The Eternal One, the mysterious being leading the charge for the destruction across the galaxy, to gather enough energy to become a cataclysmic force. With humanity and the rest of the universe at stake, can Juno fight back against her captive and become the savior she hopes to be?

Issue three reveals some of Juno’s past to how she become the lone human alive in a post apocalyptic world. Trapped in a virtual space by the Scion, details about Juno’s memories of the futuristic earth and her mother are shown. As the Scion encases Juno’s mind, it is revealed that Juno’s mother had similar powers and foresaw future events. The Eternal One, a hidden entity that has yet expose itself, saw this as a threat and began the motions to destroy earth.

As the series moves to the fourth and final issue to Zero Jumper, Juno’s role in the saving the earth becomes greater as The Eternal One is waiting to make it’s final push to control the galaxy. When captured and forced to deal with Scion, Juno push aside her playful attitude and has to find the inner strength to over come her challenges. From either her mother’s love or the burden of saving all of humanity, Juno grits her teeth and takes on the Scion, and soon The Eternal One. Readers will see how Juno turns the tide and will unleash her greatest plan in the final installment coming soon.

Zero Jumper #3 will be released July 25th 2018.


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