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Action Hero of the Week: Nick Morton

Name: Nick Morton

Occupation: US Army Sergeant/treasure hunter

Family: N/A

Allies: Chris Vail, Jenny Halsey, Colonel Greenway

Enemies: Princess Ahmanet, Set, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Undead hordes

Weapon(s) of Choice: SIG-Sauer P226 Combat TB, FN SCAR-L

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote:

Jenny Halsey: You are a good man.

Nick Morton: You don’t know that.

Jenny Halsey: Yes, I do. There’s good man inside of you fighting to come out. You saved my *life*. You gave me the only parachute without thinking.

Nick Morton: [taken aback] I thought there was another one.

See Nick in Action:


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