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The Pull List – Valiant High #4

Posted on July 31, 2018 by

It’s a big night for the students of Valiant High. The football team is ready to face off at their homecoming game, and the students will later be dressing their best for the dance after. Amanda McKee and Faith have their dresses and dates prepared, but there is something else is also preparing for the night. The Immortal Enemy, a demonic entity is lurking in the shadows to make its finally assault at Valiant High. With all the students and staff ready to celebrate their homecoming time, when will the Immortal Enemy strike?

Amanda McKee hectic start to her sophomore year. It has started out with her from dealing with her relationships with friends, learning to drive and uncovering mysterious about the Valiant High. Amanda just wants to fit in, but slowly finds out that fit in isn’t exactly an easy task. During this time, Colin King and Faith have become a cute couple. Faith is impressed by Colin’s suave matters, and Colin with Faith’s cheerful attitude. This leaves Colin’s plan make Peter Stanchek the school’s most popular student has taken a lower priority at the moment. Which doesn’t help Peter gain more confidence in himself. Like most ideas that get created in high school, things tend to work in different directions than originally planned. 

Daniel Kibblesmith playful writing complements well with Derek Charm cartoon visuals. The characters are redesigned in fun ways, and the interactions mimic classic teenage angst moments. Kibblesmith references parts of narratives of the other Valiant titles, rewarding long time readers with nods to the original material and interesting new comers to the other series. Derek Charm illustrations keeps the tone very upbeat and stylized to keep the teenage imagery in tack. It’s a fun blend in a Archie meets X-men sort of way. 

For Valiant fans that love a comical twist, this series simplified and parodied some of Valiant’s greatest moments. Some re-imaginings lead Peter Stanchek learning to become something great, Colin King being a teenage gentleman spy, Amanda McKee finding her power as Livewire, and Aric Dacia leading the Man’o’wars football team. There is no real drama, expect teen drama in this series, giving the series a very humorist spin on the usual intense and dramatic stories in other Valiant titles. Any comic fans looking to relive their awkward teenage years in comic book form (plus with some super powers), then Valiant High is for you!

Valiant High #4 will be on sale August 1st 2018

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