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Emma Stone and Jonah Hill Go Insane in Maniac (Trailer)

True Detective (Season 1) director Cary Fukunaga is back with an insanely trippy looking new Netflix Orginal series, Maniac, which is arriving at the end of next month.  Emma Stone and Jonah Hill co-star as patients of an experimental medical trial that promises to fix their individual psychological issues and also involves some sort of alternate reality/VR(?) setup where they experience all kinds of different scenarios, from a Lord of the Ringsesque fantasy to a spy thriller to a family comedy.  Sally Field and Justin Theroux co-star and it looks absolutely bonkers but also visually gorgeous and the genre mash-up seems like it could be fun.  It also seemingly is drawing at least partial inspiration from Legion, especially the look of the main clinic and the overall trippy vibe.  All 10 episodes will arrive on September 21st and you can check out the trailer below.

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