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The Pull List – The Terminator: Sector Wars #1

Posted on August 9, 2018 by

When the Terminator was sent to 1984 to eliminate Sarah Connor, it left a destructive trail all around Los Angeles. But that wasn’t the only killer sent back in time. Skynet had sent another Terminator to New York City during the same time in an effort to eliminate a secondary target, Lucy Castro. Unaware of being a target, NYPD Officer Lucy Castro is a rookie cop walking a tough beat in the Bronx. When a Terminator arrives in the city looking for its target, Lucy Castro’s patrol night extended into overtime.

The Terminator series returns to its roots with a story that is a companion tale with the original movie. Sector Wars brings the focus back into the terrifying idea of a hulking unkillable robot lurking in the cover of a city. This T-800 makes his traditional appearance, in a teleportation bubble and very naked. After quickly obtaining some clothes, the T-800 is off hunting. Lucy Castro is a young but tough cop looking to relax after a stressful day at work. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary until the T-800 comes for her. But she’s no naive Sarah Conner, Castro is oddly prepared to face down this threat; could be how violent of a time it was in 1980’s New York City. Castro has some training and some firepower to handle herself, but it will require a lot more to put down a Terminator.

Writer Brian Wood and artist Jeff Stokely present the story of Sector War in a mix of action and lite comedy, making fight scenes fast paced and some humor to brighten up the tone. It may surprise readers with the lack of gory visuals, but the narrative does not require it. Even Terminator 2, one of the greatest sequels of all time, had like maybe 4 spurts of blood? The introduction issue shows off the chase between Castro and the T-800, with later issues aiming to delve more into Lucy Castro’s importance for the future. For Terminator fans looking to get more robot killer action, don’t miss out when this comic hits stores soon.

The Terminator: Sector Wars #1 will be released August 15th, 2018.

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