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The Pull List – Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #5

By Chris

When Inspector Ishida and Usagi find themselves in a dead end to their investigation about the murdered Kirishitan, they turn to someone who understands the criminal ways. The two detectives find themselves asking Nezumi, a rogue ninja for help tracking down the wanted thief Oda. Nezumi owes a debt to Inspector Ishida and Usagi for clearing his name for a murder, Nezumi decides to help in the investigation to fulfill his honor. But what the group will uncover in their findings will place a large target for many greedy and corrupt people to come to seek.

Issue five of this epic adventure brings back a familiar face to the story that had was recently saved by Inspector Ishida and Usagi. Nezumi had made his debut appearance in #163, in the Mouse Trap story arc, where the detectives made an uneasy alliance with the ninja. Even though they are working on different sides of the law, the group shares honor and respect to some degree. However, Usagi is not prepared to trust Nezumi; the two did not have a nice introduction and Usagi’s sense of justice wants to arrest Nezumi on the spot. However, Inspector Ishida feels that this case requires great assistance from someone outside the rules. Stan Sakai keeps Usagi focus on keeping the peace no matter what the cost, but doesn’t mean Usagi will be happy about it. This isn’t the first time the rabbit ronin has been forced to work with rogues and villainous people, his previous adventures had him teaming up with all sorts of people to survive. With more discovers about the Kirishitan’s missing item comes to light and the Shogunate officials willing to hide any evidence, next month’s issue is bound to spark the powder keg of action.

Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #5 will be on sale August 15th, 2018

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