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The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #9

Posted on August 20, 2018 by

Still adjusting from their time in the “Otherverse”, Quantum and Woody try to make sense of there new lives. The Henderson brothers retain memories from previous versions of themselves and this new reality they are in have merged in different ways. Eric and Woody still have quantum powers, but they do not need to recharge every day and must be some distance away from each other in order for their own powers to work. Usually, the brothers have worked together as a dynamic duo, covering each other’s back in a fight. However, this duo is also now a trio. Eric Henderson now has a wife to think about, Millie Henderson. Millie was never in the original reality and is now part of this merged reality. Just when the brothers learn more about their new identities, the city is stuck from an outer space creature that has come to destroy everything its path.

Issue nine starts out with the two brothers still puzzled about their circumstances and how they will have to cope with their new lives. Eric finds himself a married man to Millie with a fractured mind about his past. Half of his experiences do not have Millie ever existing, and the other half is complete life with her. It’s an interesting development for Eric since he has always been focused on being super-hero than a husband. But in the back of his mind, this was something he wanted.

This new story arc compliments the first five issues where Woody was dealing with his father. The brothers always had each other to depend on, even while they are throwing punches at each other. But for Eric, this wasn’t just a long father trying to reconnect. This is a whole life with a person he shared and is still married to in this merged reality. So it complicates the brother’s old habits, such as their need for daily bracelet “klanging” and having to take care of Woody’s usually problems that involve alcohol or money. There’s an interest to see how Eric hands being in a loving relationship but unprepared for the consequences of being a hero and a husband.

Quantum and Woody #9 will be on sale August 22th, 2018.

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