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Hell Fest Comes to Town in September (Trailer)

By Zach

An insanely elaborate traveling horror attraction rolls into town in this September’s horror movie Hell Fest but an actual killer is stalking around amongst the actors.  Amy Forsyth, who experienced another horrific horror attraction in the second season of Channel Zero, joins her friends in visiting the traveling horror fest which brings mazes and rides to give a good scare to all the guests (and is MC’d by none other than Tony Todd).  A creep in a mask seems to be following Natalie (Forsyth) and her friends and they realize he’s not a pretend killer but an actual psycho and they’ll have to survive the night and try to convince someone that they aren’t just freaked out by Hell Fest’s attractions.  This new trailer is a Red Band, so you get a slightly better idea of what to expect, which seems like a decently fun slasher flick.  Also, if you want to experience Hell Fest yourself, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Great America and Great Adventure will be having Hell Fest attractions as part of their Fright Fest event starting on September 15th. Check out the new Red Band trailer below and Hell Fest arrives on September 28th.

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