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Preview of AVGC 2018

Posted on August 31, 2018 by

A Video Game Con (AVGC) returns for its 4th year, at a new location at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ. Set for two days of all day gaming and special events September 15 & 16th, AVGC is a convention dedicated to all aspects of video games and gaming culture. Featuring a large vendor area, an arcade and console free play selection, a mini computer museum, rooms for talks and panels, cosplay events and so much more under one roof.

gillythekid Toni X Temptress Console Wars Radical Reggie John Riggs The Immortal John Hancock Adam Koralik
RGT 85 – Shawn Long Pat The NES Punk SomeCallMeJohnny Leonard Herman Corey Marshall The AVGN Arda Ocal

Above are some of the special guests that have worked on or analyzed gaming, or created content to spread their knowledge about the gaming industry.

There are also musical acts that have roots in nerdy culture, performing covers and original pieces through the two days.

Nerd Surge The Schwam
Montclair Gamer Symphony Orchestra Super Thrash Bros. 


This year AVGC is promising to be an exciting weekend of fun for all ages. AVGC has grown after each show, offering more events and bigger celebrations for all gamers. The new location offers lots of space and parking, so no more traffic jams getting in and out of the place. Now closer to public transportation and only a hop skip away from NYC, gamers from all areas should be able to make time to attend one of NJ’s growing gaming events.

Tickets can be found here, and are also available at the door. So rest up this labor day and see you gamers there!

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