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Musical Montage: The Heights “How Do You Talk to an Angel”

Sitting between the 90’s megahits Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, The Heights was an Aaron Spelling-produced musical drama that only lasted four months on Fox in 1992.  Starring Jamie Walters, Camille Saviola, Charlotte Ross, Alex Desert, Zachary Throne and Donnelly Rhodes, the show was about a band called The Heights and the interpersonal and professional drama surrounding them.  Each episode, as you would probably expect, featured some sort of musical performance from the group and the biggest and most remembered piece from the show is it’s theme song, “How Do You Talk to an Angel”.  The song was released as a single and hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 but a week after it left #1, the show was canceled by Fox.  Lead singer Jamie Walters would later appear on Beverly Hills 90210 in a different role as a singer and he had a slightly less popular single called “Hold On” from his self-titled solo album and his final album in 2002 before becoming a paramedic/firefighter in LA. The music video for “How Do You Talk to An Angel” features The Heights in the studio and also in random 90’s “artsy” black and white shots around LA.  Check it out below.

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