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Action Hero of the Week: Danny Rand

Name: Danny Rand

Occupation: Billionaire owner of Rand Enterprises, vigilante martial artist superhero

Family: Wendell Rand (Father), Heather Rand (Mother)

Allies: Colleen Wing, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Matthew Murdock, Claire Temple, Ward Meachum, Jeri Hogarth, Misty Knight

Enemies: Madame Gao, Bakuto, Davos, Joy Meachum, Harold Meachum, The Hand, Elektra Natchios, Alexandra, Bride of Nine Spiders, Zhou Cheng, Scythe, Andrei and Grego Veznikov, Typhoid Mary

Weapon(s) of Choice: Iron Fist, martial arts

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote: “You’re working too hard. Too much external force. It’s internal force you want to master”

See Danny in Action:

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