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News Shotgun 9/8

  • Designated Survivor moving to Netflix: The Kiefer Sutherland led political drama Designated Survivor was canceled by ABC in the spring but after a ton of negotiations, the series will return as a Netflix Original series for season 3.  Neal Baer, a veteran of Law & Order: SVU, will be the new showrunner.  Co-stars Kal Penn, Adam Canto, and Italia Ricci are returning with Kiefer and Maggie Q is still in talks and Season 3 will debut sometime in 2019.
  • Rebecca Ferguson in talks to join Dune: Denis Villeneuve is trying to do the impossible and bring Dune back to the big screen and Mission: Impossible’s Rebecca Ferguson is in talks to join the cast as Lady Jessica, the mother of series protagonist Paul Atreides, who will be played by Timothee Chalamet.  This new Dune is looking to start production next year.
  • Cold Warrior from Shane Black coming to Netflix: In development for around a decade, Shane Black is bringing Cold Warrior to Netflix.  The movie follows a retired Cold War-era spy and a younger agent who team up to track down a terrorist and will most likely be Black’s follow-up project to The Predator, which hits next week.
  • Superman returning to theaters for 40th Anniversary: Richard Donner’s iconic version of the Man of Steel will be back in theaters according to a Fandango event posting. The site has no real info but it seems like it this might be a one night only screening on November 25th.  Keep checking Fandango for updates.
  • Doom Patrol casts Timothy Dalton: Joining the already announced cast, Timothy Dalton has joined the upcoming Doom Patrol series as The Chief.  The Chief, aka Dr. Niles Caulder, is the one who assembles the members of the Doom Patrol and leads them in a similar way to Charles Xavier leads the X-Men, including being confined to a wheelchair.  Doom Patrol is expected to debut on the DC Universe streaming service next year.
  • Swamp Thing Pilot Director Announced: Speaking of the DC streaming service, they are also getting a Swamp Thing series and it was announced that Underworld director Len Wiseman will direct the pilot.  James Wan is producing the series and it also recently cast Crystal Reed, most recently on Gotham, as Abby Arcane.
  • The Witchlands Series Being Developed into a TV Series: The fantasy series The Witchlands by Susan Dennard are being developed into a TV series by the Jim Henson Company.  The series follows two women, who are both witches with different powers.  They live on a continent ruled by three different kingdoms, the titular Witchlands, and war is coming with one of the witches, Safiya, a major target because her powers give her the ability to discern truth from lies.  The Jim Henson Creature Shop will design creatures for the series.
  • New Law & Order announced: Law & Order: Hate Crimes is joining the Law & Order franchise with 13 episodes on NBC.  The series is based on the actual NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force and will deal with crimes that are motivated by discrimination and racism.  The series will be introduced in an episode of Law & Order: SVU and then spin-off into a 13 episode first season.
  • Rian Johnson announces a new movie: The Last Jedi director is taking a break from Star Wars for his next movie, which is called Knives Out.  It’s a murder mystery similar to Agatha Christie novels and will star Daniel Craig as the detective trying to solve the crime.  Production begins this fall since Bond 25 is delayed and should be out sometime in 2019.
  • Henry Cavill starring in The Witcher series: The Man of Steel is becoming The Witcher as Henry Cavill has signed on to star as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series.  The Witcher has 8 novels and three extremely beloved video games but it’s not clear exactly what story will be the focus of the 8 episode first season.
  • The official title of Die Hard 6 revealed: The sixth Die Hard movie will officially be called McClane and it will feature a 20 something John McClane dealing with some sort of terrorist/criminal plot as a beat cop in the past while Bruce Willis will return as the older version McClane in the present.
  • Trivial Pursuit reveals Horror Movie edition: The iconic trivia game Trivial Pursuit revealed a brand new Horror edition of the game that will feature over 600 questions spanning the entire history of the Horror genre.  Categories will include Gore, Monster, Psychological, Paranormal, Slasher and International and an example question is “What is the name of the pub that protagonist David Kessler visits at the start of An American Werewolf in London?”.  The game is available right now on Amazon and at GameStop for $19.99.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine getting more episodes at NBC: One of the craziest stories from the end of the last TV season was Brooklyn Nine-Nine being canceled by Fox, only to be immediately rescued by NBC for its sixth season.  Originally picking up 13 more episodes, NBC has increased the order to 18 new episodes of the Nine-Nine.  The show will be back sometime during the upcoming TV season.
  • Beetlejuice musical debuting on Broadway: The Ghost with the Most is coming to Broadway in April of next year as Beetlejuice The Musical will debut.  The musical is based on the movie and follows the same plot with the addition of a slew of original songs in addition to using iconic songs like Day-Oh from the movie.
  • Academy backs down on Popular Oscar: After almost universal scorn and criticism, the Academy has decided to not include an award for Achievement in Popular Film at the next Academy Awards and it “merits further study”.  The award was criticized for a number of reasons, including being a blatant rating grab and being demeaning to the films that would have been nominated for it.
  • Ballers and Insecure renewed at HBO: HBO renewed two of their comedy series for new seasons with Ballers returning for a fifth season and Insecure returning for a fourth season.  Both shows are in the middle of their current seasons, both of which started on August 12th.

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