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The Pull List – Ninjak #11

Posted on September 10, 2018 by

The possed Eternal Warrior has finally re-emerged, but the MI6 will only assign Ninjak a mission if he agrees to a deal.  The powerful spirit, Dying One, was a previous foe from The Coalition and is currently controlling the Eternal Warrior’s body. His current whereabouts are only known by MI6, and they will disclose that information if Ninjak agreements to bring Liveware into US custody for her actions during Harbinger War 2. Knowing there will be consequences later, NInjak is forced to accept the conditions and heads to Pripyat, Ukraine, where the Dying One has set up a hidden base.

Issue elven returns to the aftermath of The Coalition formation and Harbinger War 2, merging the two story arcs and new troubles for Ninjak. At the end of Harbinger Wars 2, NInjak had understood Livewire’s decisions for attacking the US forces and sending a threating message to stop hunting young pisots. Livewire was declared an enemy of the state and has been on the run. NInjak and Livewire shared a close connection and is once again forced to betray his relationship with her.  As a freelance agent for MI6, NInjak can choose which missions to take. With the Eternal Warrior at stake, MI6 has the upper hand on making Ninjak agree to their terms. Ever since the events of Harbinger War 2, Ninjak has been reevaluating his role as a hired killer for MI6 and his connections with friends. He did not have must of a physical fight with Livewire and the two agreed to stop the terrible treatment of young pisots, but now is backed in a deal to go after her personality.

This issue features artwork by Roberto De La Torre, creating action pack scenes that show off the fighting power of Ninjak  NInjak’s pops out of panels as he flips and stabs opponents while calculating his next moves with tactical precision. Christopher Gage continues the adventures of the gentleman spy ninja and explores the new compassionate side of Ninjak that has evolved from his experience of his discovery of the Acclimation Bureau. As Ninjak scouts for the Dying One’s new base, next month’s issue will have the two powerful warriors facing off.

Ninjak #11 will be on sale September 12th, 2018.

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