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The Pull List – Mata Hari #5

Posted on September 13, 2018 by

The Mata Hari reveals the last chapter of her life and prepares for a final performance. Margaretha Zelle-MacLeod has lived the grand life as Mata Hari for a few years, gaining popularity and the allure of a goddess. People watch with delight as Mata Hair dances on stage, and men throw themselves at her for her embrace. In 1915, Margaretha encounters military officers from opposing sides World War I, leading to each side plotting ways to utilize Mata Hari’s charms. Her life will be pledge with conflicts, lies and treasonous suspension that will ultimately be labeled a spy. In her final entry in her journal entry is written, the story reaches its dramatic end.

The final chapter of Mata Hari shows Margaretha Zelle-MacLeod unfortunate circumstances that would be her downfall. Her popularity has created her to be a mischevious celebrity. As an idol, she attracts great attention, but corrupt people managed to find ways to exploit Margaretha for their control. All her life, Margaretha has been searching for a  comfortable and loving lifestyle, something her had experience only a handful of moments, but never stable. Now in her forties, Margaretha finds love once again but is held back from situations out of her reach. Using everything and anyone she can, she tries to keep this new love alive with a Russian solider named Vadime Massloff. However, Massloff has been sent to the western front of France, where the most brutal fighting takes place. Fearing for Massloff, she will make decisions that will later question her character and role in the war.

Tragically, Margaretha Zelle-MacLeod was executed for accused crimes she had done for love. She did not have many supporters at the end, losing all hope for people ever finding the truth about her life. Margaretha Zelle-MacLeod had lived in poverty and enjoyed the lavish of all the fine wealth, never giving up on herself to move forward. Emma Beeby, Ariela Kristantina and Pat Masioni capture the spirit of Margaretha rebellious nature of a woman fighting the odds in a tragic time. Margaretha Zelle-MacLeod was filled with joy and sadness, creating for a dramatic tale that will leave the reader wondering where the truth lies. Margaretha’s legacy would be surrounded by mystery and infamy, ensuring no one can easily forget about her.

Mata Hari #5 will be on sale September 19, 2018.

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