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Channel Zero Opens The Dream Door in October (Trailer)

By Zach

Despite a not so great second season (at least in our humble opinions), Channel Zero on SyFy is still one of the best horror shows on TV and it returns to celebrate Halloween with season 4, The Dream Door.  Based on the creepypasta story by Charlotte Bywater, “Hidden Door”, the new season finds newlyweds Jillian (Maria Sten) and Tom (Brandon Scott, who is also the first returning cast member) discovering a mysterious door in their basement that should be impossible to exist based on the layout of the house.  Their neighbor Ian (Steven Robertson) tries to help them get the door open but Jillian believes it’s tied to something from her childhood and a made up protector she created who may now be real.  Horror legend Barbara Crampton and Steven Weber co-star and the series will air all in one week on SyFy, starting on October 26th and concluding on Halloween night.  It will also be available binge-watching style on SyFy On Demand.  Check out the trailer below.


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