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Musical Montage: Jump N The Saddle Band “The Curly Shuffle”

Posted on September 24, 2018 by

Around the time the Stooges got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1984, songwriter Peter Quinn came up with a swinging throwback novelty song called The Curly Shuffle that became an unlikely hit.  Performed by his group the Jump N The Saddle Band, the song hit the Billboard charts at #15 in 1984. It was the only hit for the group, they had one other single as a follow-up but it didn’t chart.  Simultaneously, a group called The Knuckleheads also put out a version of the song in Canada and was a hit there, hitting #29 on the Canadian charts.  The music video for the song features clips from a ton of different Stooges shorts and it became a regular fixture at Shea Stadium during Mets games in the mid-80s.  Check out the video below.

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