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The Pull List – Zero Jumper #4

Juno has overcome the Scion and is now heading to the Prime Crystal, an ancient and immense power source. The Prime Crystal is capable to help Juno travel between space and time. Juno plans to jump back in time to prevent the destruction of Earth. Meanwhile, the Scion’s master, the Eternal One, plans for one last confrontation and tries to eliminate Juno and complete it’s domination of the universe. It’s a final showdown to save the human race as Juno fights her greatest foe in this epic conclusion.

The fourth and final issue of Zero Jumper begins with Juno preparing to face off with her biggest challenge she has waited for all her life. A chance to return to the past and stop the Eternal One from destroying the Earth. Knowing that taking one a powerful foe, she is willing to sacrifice herself to ensure the safety of her past and Earth’s future. Creator Patrick Mulholland has built up a  galaxy fallen under threat that requires a spunky hero to save the day. In four comics, Mulholland has created an interesting story that takes the reader across diverse worlds, encounters with foes and allies, and revealed Juno’s motivation to protect the Earth.

Juno experience through the story comes out in the final battle sequence between Juno and the Eternal One. Mulholland details the fight with lots of impressive visuals, emphasizing the exchange of powerful blows between the characters. No one is holding back in the fight. The stakes include not only humanity but all living beings. Action and sci-fi fans would be disappointed in this final issue that wraps up the story of Zero Jumper.

Zero Jumper #4 will be in comic stores October 10, 2018.

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