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Harley Goes Meta in the First Look at Her New Animated Series (Trailer)

Titans seems to be the only original show debuting on the DC Universe service this year but next year is bringing a whole slew of new shows, including a Harley Quinn animated series.  Geared toward a more adult audience in the vein of Adult Swim or Netflix’s animated offerings, the new show follows Harley (Kaley Cuoco) on various adventures as an anti-hero/villain with characters like her BFF Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) and Batman (Sounds like Dee Bradley Baker’s version) showing up along with characters from Harley’s New 52 series.  The animation looks great and it seems like it will have a fun, self-aware comedy style (Harley takes jabs at Deadpool and DC movies).  The show will debut sometime next year and you can check out the NYCC teaser below.


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