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The Pull List – She Could Fly #4

With the mystery of the Flying Woman solved, its a free for all to calm all of her secrets. Luna Brewster just wanted closure on the death of Mayura Howard and uncovered Mayura’s diary. Bill Meigs found the schematics and prototype components that created the flying jetpack. The Chinese government has made a deal with Meigs for the jetpack parts, and are waiting to collect. The Eon-Def agents have found located the Brewster residents and are preparing to raid the house. And finally, the ATF is on to the Eon-Def secretly plans, watching everything unfold from a distance. Luna obsession has drawn more trouble than she thought and her own mind is slowly betraying her as well. With everyone one coming after the legacy of the Flying Woman, Luna wishes she could take to the skies right about now.

Issue four brings a close to the story of She Could Fly. From the first two issues, the more of Luna’s mental state is examined. She was losing her grip on reality, having vivid dreams of violence and murder. Once Luna found something out of the ordinary to idealize, she guided herself in a direction she wasn’t expecting. Bill Meigs, a troubled character that bordered on hero and anti-hero at every opportunity. Bill’s objective was to get the science behind the flying woman’s jetpack and get paid, but crossing paths with Luna complicated his original plans. More supporting characters took a bigger role as Luna’s obsession drew the attention of her family and her high school guidance counselor, Dana Church. Ms. Church role of being a support at school becomes expanded once she is aware of Luna’s odd behavior and takes a big personal risk trying to help her.

Christopher Cantwell leads the plot through many dramatic turns of events that delved into a wide range of topics. She Could Fly covered mental health, political intrigue, shadow governments, and personal responsibility. Martin Morazzo and Miroslav Mrva build so much tension in each chapter of the story, which finally comes to a boiling point at the end with an explosive confrontation at the Brewster residence. There is one big finale that shows off all the ultra-violence that once was just dreamt up by Luna, and is unleashed on to unsuspecting people.

She Could Fly is a shocking come of age tale that not only addresses adolescent but the fragility of the mind. While the story doesn’t end on a clear and definite conclusion, it leaves hope for Luna for a better tomorrow. Something that she didn’t see before all these situations began. Seeing a flying woman could inspire hope or lead to trouble, but that all depends on the individual. There was plenty of shocking moments that brought out the best and worst in people, and it creates for an intense comic read. 

She Could Fly #4 will be on sale October 10th, 2018.

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