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The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #7

Posted on October 16, 2018 by

The winter weather begins to freeze up most of America, Mr. Wednesday drops Shadow off back in the town of Lakeside to wait out the winter freeze. This gives Shadow sometime to become Mike Ainsel again, but after so many odd experiences, he’s not quite the same. The recruitment drive for the Gods is exhausting work for Shadow, but so has pretending to be a normal citizen like Mike Ainsel. But someone is searching for Shadow, someone who can see behind the fake layers of Mike. Soon Shadow is reunited with his dead wife Laura and she wants to get a few things off her very dead chest.

Issue seven once again returns Shadow back to his hideaway spot and becoming Mike Ainsel for public appearances. There is still an air of mystery since the town has a reputation of people running away. No one quite understands it, and no one is willing to give Shadow a straight answer. Especially the town’s police chief, who has grown a friendship with Mike Ainsel. While the town’s problem is alarming, Shadow tries not to get distracted from his true goals for being there. But its not exactly something he can just ignore forever.

Mr. Wednesday’s recruitment for the upcoming hasn’t gone unnoticed all this time. It seems like the opposition has been building their forces and preparing for this cold war to turn hot. A few gods in the past issues have hinted at their attempts to be recruited and their position in the matter, leaving Mr. Wednesday to switch moods at every successful or failed candidate in his army. With the winter reaching its peak and the tensions between the Gods almost sparking off the war, Shadow seems to never get the rest he desires and probably still won’t receive it in next month’s issue.

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