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Horror Villain of the Week: Pumpkinhead

Name: Pumpkinhead aka Demon of Vengeance

Portrayed by: Tom Woodruff, Jr.

Origins: Pumpkinhead is a supernatural demon who can be summoned to exact revenge for the person who summons it.  Through a ritual performed by a witch, a corpse must be provided to give the Pumpkinhead it’s form and the summoner’s blood must be mixed with it.  The person who summoned the Pumpkinhead demon becomes damned to hell and inextricably linked to the demon, feeling the pain of the victims and seeing through the demon’s eyes as he kills the people the summoner demands vengeance on.

Powers: Supernatural strength, speed and agility, can regenerate and is mostly invulnerable, doesn’t feel pain, can track the “marked” victims no matter how long it takes and where they go.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Claws and teeth, tail

Main Adversaries: Anyone marked by the summoner of the demon

See Pumpkinhead in Action:

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