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The Pull List – Mystery Science Theater 3000 #2

By Chris

Kinga Forrester’s comic experience continues as she bubbles up two new comics in the Satellite of Love. Jonah Heston gets sent into the fast-talking, suit-wearing world of Black Cat, a superhero comic from the 1940’s. In this comic, Jonah Heston meets Linda Turner, a stunt woman that fights crime as the Black Cat. Jonah teleports right into her latest adventure that involves her stopping an evil chess theme villain, the Rook. Meanwhile, Crow finds himself in a horror tale in Rat-Thing. Crow stumbles upon a mad scientist who is trying to enlarge a rat, and of course, everything goes horribly wrong.

Issue two pokes fun at classic comic genres, a superhero story and a horror tale. Kinga Forrester manages to get her hand on an issue of Black Cat from Pocket Comics, a series from the 40’s whose feature character Black Cat happens to be in public domain. Forrester bubbles the comic and sends Jonah and Crow, but a leftover comic test on a Horrific #2 sends Crow into a ghoulies tale of Rat-Thing. This mix up in the Bubbulat-R experiment leads to some unexpected changes in Forrester plan, but she fine with the results. The Black Cat series was known for its pulp-style adventures, premiering in 1941 and ran for 65 issues. Horrific comics was an anthology series that told short horror stories that started in 1952 and ran for 12 issues.

Comic fans that appreciate the early era of comics should be laughing along as the crew of the Satellite of Love venture through some strange comic adventures. The writing is witty and sharp, making fun of both the silly narratives of the comics and how the comic is even laid out. The characters integrate perfectly into the panels, adding funny observations and quips. What thrilling tales will the crew find themselves, only Kinga Forrester knows in next month’s issue!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 #2 will be on sale October 24th, 2018.

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