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The DC Animated Universe Falls Under the Reign of the Supermen in January (Trailer)

In August of this year, the DC Animated Universe saw a new, expanded version of The Death of Superman story, which was originally adapted in the first ever DC Animated Universe film, Superman: Doomsday.  In January, the story continues with Part 2, Reign of the Supermen.  Following Superman’s death after battling Doomsday, the world has to deal with the aftermath of losing the Man of Steel but Superman’s body goes missing and four mysterious new “heroes”; Steel (Cress Williams), Eradicator (Charles Halford), Cyborg Superman (Patrick Fabian) and Superboy (Cameron Monaghan), make themselves known, all claiming to be the next, true Superman. The Justice League must figure out if any of them are telling the truth or if they are secretly a threat.  Main DC Animated director Sam Liu is back to direct and the movie arrives digitally on January 15th and DVD/Blu-Ray on January 29th next year.  Check out the trailer below.

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