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The Pull List – Faith: Dreamside #2

Posted on October 30, 2018 by

Faith and Monica sneak their way out of a backlot studio tour for a chance to speak with Shan Fong Mirage, also known as Dr. Mirage, the paranormal investigator. Together with the spirit of her deceased husband, Hwen, Dr. Mirage has experienced many ghostly adventures. Monica makes a plea for help, she is haunted by the spirits of her dead friends that tournament her from a previous incident that left many dead. These angered spirits come out at terrorizing Monica in the night, leaving her very scared during the day. Dr. Mirage and Hwen accept the case and want to observe Monica as she sleeps. But the ghostly haunts are tired of waiting and tonight they come to calm their prize!

Issue two brings Dr. Mirage and Hwen into the adventure, two major characters that have dealt with paranormal on a daily basis. Dr. Mirage has started to commercialize her paranormal work, appearing on TV to talk about the second lives of the dead. She is preparing to film her own show where she works with her ghost husband to solve mysteries, creating a show to help spread awareness of life beyond death. Being a TV fan, Faith knows where to track Dr. Mirage down and somehow get a chance to talk with her.

Faith is doing her best to help Monica, a young Harbinger in need. Faith’s good nature and optimism is something that Monica needs after the traumatic incident after the first Harbinger Wars. Monica was part of Generation Zero, a group of kidnapped children turned military trained psiots. Monica has been on the run since she broken off the group. Jody Houser takes Faith from just a hero in hiding and turns her into a big sister role for Monica. Faith’s relied on the teamwork of the Harbinger Renegades but now has to step up for a bigger role. Dr. Mirage and Hwen don’t gain any publicity for their roles but want to support Monica. However, even with all their compassion, the ghosts that plague Monica will not stop without a fight, and the team will have to work hard to fight back. The fight for Monica’s soul begins in next month’s issue!

Faith: Dreamside #2 will be on sale October 31, 2018.

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