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Horror Villain of the Week: The Thing

Name: The Thing (actual species name unknown)

Portrayed by: Special effects by Rob Bottin, Stan Winston, Lance Anderson et al

Origins: The Thing’s spaceship crashed to Earth in Antarctica over 100,000 years ago and the creature was dormant.  The ship was discovered first by a Norwegian research team, which The Thing decimated and then escaped to a nearby American research station under the guise of a sled dog.

Powers: Near perfect replication of living tissue, including memories and voice of the victim it assimilates.  Each cell of The Thing is an individual organism that can become a full creature.  Can manifest claws, tendrils, and mouths if it needs to defend itself.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Claws, tendrils, teeth, paranoia

Main Adversaries: RJ MacReady, Childs, Kate Lloyd

See The Thing in Action:


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