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The Pull List – God of War #1

By Chris

After the Gods of Olympus were defeated, Kratos had left to find a new place to rest his weary head. But it seems no matter where he goes, chaos follows. Kratos had rebuilt his life in a remote area of the Norse wildlands. Starting a family, raising a son and silencing the rage that had consumed him long ago. On a forage in the woods, Kratos finds a distressed man fighting a gigantic bear. Choosing to save the man’s life, Kratos accidentally starts a feud with a clan of mystic berserkers, warrior men enhanced with magical powers. Now the rage that Kratos kept tight locked must be unleashed once again.

Dark Horse Comics, Sony and Santa Monica Studios collaborated to deliver an exciting entry that bridges the story between God of War 3 and the 2018’s God of War. The creative team of Chris Roberson, Tony Parker and Dan Jackson perfectly captured the once furious Kratos that battles to keep himself contained. Years of answering trouble with his angry have left Kratos remorseful and he does not want to waste his new chance to start fresh. This version of Kratos is distanced from his family, being very stern and direct with his son, Atreus. Similar to how he acted in the PlayStation 4 game, Kratos barks order to Atreus instead of offering kind words of advice. Chris Roberson begins the story right at a strict moment between father and son, quickly establishing the rough relationship. Tony Parker poses Kratos in powerful stances that gives Kratos the mean and commanding fatherly attitude. This is not the kind of father you want to ask for more allowance money.

Fans of the God of War series should check out this comic series that explores the relationship between Kratos and his family. This comic would likely delve into more of Kratos past that shaped his cold demeanor, as well as his inner struggle to keep his rage from destroying everything he has.  The fates once again challenge Kratos and he will prove why he earned his title as the god of war once again.


God of War #1 will be on sale November 14th, 2018.

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