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The Pull List – Ninjak #13

Posted on November 13, 2018 by

The Dying One is not letting Ninjak reclaim Gilad’s body without a final fight. The Dying One has access to Gilad’s fighting experience, earned over countless lifetimes by battle and bloodshed. Ninjak with all his preparation and training finds himself at odds with defeating this particular foe. Eliminating this version of the Dying One will end the chaotic rampage of Dying One’s attempt at world domination, but it could also destroy Gilad’s body, leaving the Eternal Warrior forever silence.

Issue thirteen starts off with the two men exchanging blows and leading Ninjak to emergency measures. His debt to MI6 for tracking the Dying One in exchange for the location of fugitive Livewire causes Ninjak to face Gilad solely on his own. MI6 has pressured NInjak to accept their terms and will not offer any more aid until he gives up Livewire. In previous missions, Ninjak has support to take on powerful beings like the Dying One. But he is cut off until he falls in line with MI6 and must face this challenge alone.

Christopher Gage emphasizes one of Colin King’s hidden vulnerable areas, his true compassion for friends. Normally cold and distance, Colin is model as a gentleman spy that will manipulate anyone to complete his mission. But there is a soft side to Colin that MI6 has finally targeted. Facing combat with powerful opponents is what Colin gets paid to fulfill, but this particular mission risk everything Colin has cared for. This chapter in Ninjak has been wonderfully intense and bold, testing Ninjak at every level. Roberto de la Torre, José Villarrubia and Dave Lanphear display stunning visuals that showcase the intense fighting power of Ninjak, and the ferocious control the Dying One has in Gilad’s body. Readers will wince as swords make punction wounds, bones get broken and the warriors get thrown near machinery in this climactic fight. But no one gets away clean, and Ninjak will have to face the consequences in next month’s issue.

Ninjak #13 will be on sale November 14th, 2018.


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