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The Pull List – Captain Ginger #2

Posted on November 14, 2018 by

When birth rates in the spaceship Indomitable pass the normal levels, Captain Ginger and his crew face new population issues. With an influx of feral cats begun to threaten the safety of the ship, Captain Ginger prepares to bring balance to the unruly community. But first, Sergeant Mittens, Captain Ginger’s second in command, has been demoted to Litterbox duty. The rough and fierce Sergeant Mittens now faces he messy position of cleaning up the many cat boxes, stationed in one of the warmest zones in the ship. Still running from the evil Lumens, the Indomitable and its crew faces new troubles from within.

Issue two picks up after Captain Ginger has taken back his command, and leads his people to safety. Seen as a hero in many eyes, Captain Ginger faces a new different problem with the feral cats slowly overtaking the ship. These cats are more like modern household variety. They are small, curious and can hide almost anywhere. And what some unfortunate cat owners know, any large group of cats will create some disasters. These unevolved cats are messing with the ship’s support system and interfering with the Captain’s work. Sergeant Mittens has fallen from the Captain’s graces and is forced to clean up a nightmare of kitty litter boxes. Mittens performs the difficult task without question, understanding the punishment for all that he has done. But his own troubles worst at every moment, leaving to messier cleanups that would make every pet owner angry. It seems like even if cats have evolved to space travel, cat hygiene and bathroom etiquette won’t ever change.

Cat fans rejoice, this series emphasizes all the cute attics your household pet would display. However, if you ever wonder what would happen if they were left unchecked, now you know they could bring down a starship with some bad behaviors. Stuart Moore and June Bknow knows how to expand on the bizarre concept of advance cats in other space. The story has been building up much of the characters and events that show it’s not easy being both a captain and a cat.

Included in this issue: a Hashtag: Danger comic by Tom Peyer, Randy Elliott, Andy Troy and Rob Steen. A newspaper advice column about different apocalypses by Robert Jeschonek. A piece about a rock person talking to an audience by Bryce Ingman. A Q&A with by Hart Seely Greg Scott, the writer for Ahoy Comic’s High Heaven.

Captain Ginger #2 will be on sale November 14th, 2018.

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