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Everything Action Theater: Nightflyers (1987)

By Zach

Everything Action Theater is back for, hopefully, more regular editions with the 1987 adaptation of George RR Martin’s novella Nightflyers, which is getting a new series on SyFy starting on December 2nd. The sci-fi story follows the crew of the Nightflyer, which in the movie includes Catherine Mary Stuart, Michael Praed, John Standing and James Avery, who are tasked with tracking mysterious alien transmissions in deep space but things start to go horribly wrong.  In the 1987 film, it’s the ship’s computer that goes haywire when it becomes jealous of the captain’s romance with a female passenger while the SyFy series seems like it’s more of an Event Horizon style horror occurring.  The movie was not a hit, grossing only $1.1 million and it’s never been released on DVD or Blu-Ray but GRRM still has very warm feelings towards it and credits it with saving his career and allowing everything that followed, like Game of Thrones, to happen. The entire movie is below in full from youtube, check it out and then check out the SyFy show to compare and contrast.


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