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The Pull List – Death Orb #3

Posted on December 3, 2018 by

The Rider and Carvell attempt to rescue Pilot, a young telepathic and brilliant engineer, from a group of marauders sent by Father. After fighting their way to Pilot’s hideout, they are met with a Ninja, who is standing guard and ready for a fight. To complicate the situation, another wave of marauders are fast approaching their position. Meanwhile, Father announces to his followers the end of times and begins the cleansing of all living life on the planet.

Issue three continues the action sequences with Rider facing off against the mysterious Ninja, a one-eyed warrior that is very deadly with a katana. While there isn’t much background story on the Ninja, he’s a man of few words and only speaks in cryptic statements. The design of the Ninja pays homage to classic 80’s ninja designs. Simple cloth garments, a metal sword, and fast reflexes can still be an imposing threat in the future wastelands.  While the story doesn’t give much focus on the Ninja initially, there are subtle hints in the dialogue that convey that the Ninja has been looking for a reason to fight. Encountering The Rider and the other survivors might give him a new purpose. Pilot briefly displays her telepathic abilities, something not so uncommon in this world. The future seems to have evolved certain people, but the causes are unknown. However, this looks to be more of a burden than a gift on the user as they are highly sought out after.

Ryan Ferrie manages to play around with plenty of dark humor elements. From people making fun of lost limbs, blood covered faces and even staring into a dead man’s eye sockets, Ferrie isn’t afraid to show some humor in some gross moments. Alejandro Aragon and Chris O’Halloran illustrate intense fighting sequences that show off the impressive fighting force between the fierce Rider and the quick Ninja. More characters join the fray as the Rider moves in the right direction to find his family, and Father will only send more vicious mercenaries to do kill the Rider and his new companions. The story ramps up as the heroes venture to further disrupt Father’s plans in next month’s issue.

Death Orb #3 will be on sale December 5th, 2018.

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