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The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #4

Posted on December 4, 2018 by

Just when Earth-Alpha seemed to be a little too cozy for the Dragonfly, he cranks up the violence to match his taste. After handling a supervillain with murderous results, the citizens of Fortune City are shocked by this new version of Dragonfly, fearing that former hero is now on a terrorizing rampage. But the Dragonfly soon finds out that there are some sharp edges in sort world of Earth-Alpha. Meanwhile, the Dragonflyman digs in the criminal underworld with clever disguise, but can the winged crusader survive a rough hideout in Earth-Omega? In an additional comic story, the Dragonfly’s past adventure is explored as an investigation of missing teenagers leads to gang formed by the internet.

Issue fourth has the Dragonfly reach his boiling point where he can’t play by the delicate formalities of Earth-Alpha. No time for flashy entrances, cunning puns, holding back punches. Dragonfly shows off his brand of justice, and it’s a bit extreme for everyone’s taste. You can take the vigilante out from his psycho world, but you can’t take psycho out of this vigilante.  Alternatively, Dragonflyman tries to infiltrate a villain hang out spot, a dive bar with costumed criminals itchy for their next crime. Drastically mismatched for the role, Dragonflyman’s disguise is a tad too “classic” for the crowd and delightedly sticks out too much. It’s amusing to watch the contrast of Dragonflyman’s of a villainous get-up compare to the grittier, menacing roster of villains designs. Dragonflyman appears so harmless, a giant cactus man is more of a threat at the moment. At least he has somewhat annoying needles poking out of him.

Tom Peyer puts a bright light to the contrast between the eccentric and the gloomy, showcasing how vast comics changed since the 1960s. We get to experience two different styles of comic designs that seem to alter each other’s perspective by each Dragonflyman’s action. It seems like Dragonfly and Dragonflyman disrupts the natural order of each world, throwing everything into zany chaos. Jamal Igle rolls out a handful of outlandish characters and great nods to Batman’s rogue gallery.  From small cowgirls, evil chefs, crazy armor people and big muscle dudes wearing no shirts, there are wonderful additions that fill each panel.

In the additional Dragonfly comic The Lost Generation, the Dragonfly is on the hunt for mysterious figure that is luring teenagers on chat rooms. Willing to break a few bones, the Dragonfly makes his way into a hideout, where not only does he find the teens, but a leader that obsess with cybercrime. Paul Constant sets up the story to be told like a detective noir tale, and it expands on the Dragonfly’s thought process. His inner monologue has a grim tone, that is pessimistic about everything. Gary Erskine provides the art in this story, and it nicely follows Jamal Igle’s style. Dragonfly appears as a massive brute force, that tries his best not to go berserk so easily this time.

Included in the issue from Ahoy Comic: a helpful guide by Kek-W about getting a reality check in How to Spot If You’re A Simulation, a sales pitch about building a super-soldier in a piece called Not Required Reading by Matt Brady, and a short story about what it means to be wealthy in Carol Lay’s Rich.

The Wrong Earth #4 will be on sale December 5th, 2018.

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